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The Federal Republic of Germany is situated in the heart of Europe. 82 million people live here of whom 7.3 million are foreigners. The backbone of German Economy is its car manufacturing, electronics & Pharmaceutical Industries. Studying in Germany, where Education, Science and research play a central role with no or less tuition fee will be an ideal choice to Students.

The German university system is one of the oldest in the world and has set the standard for higher education in many countries. The degrees awarded by German universities are highly regarded and recognized throughout the world by employers and academic institutions.

Today German Universities are in the top league compared to the rest of the world and many students form all over the world dream about Studying in Germany.  246,000 foreign students are enrolled at German institutes of higher education. After United States and Great Britain, Germany is the third most preferred country for students worldwide.

Ranking third in terms of total economic output, Germany is one of the world’s leading nations. With regard to world trade it places second. The country continues to be an attractive market for foreign investors, offering a superbly developed infrastructure and a highly motivated, qualified work force. Top-notch research and development projects are additional hallmarks of the country.

German universities have been the scene of many groundbreaking discoveries, gaining them international renown. Modern German universities also combine theoretical work with its practical application. They both educate and train - basic research is augmented by applied research. A variety of comprehensive universities and universities of applied science in Germany offer balanced academic training necessary for a professional career. Practical experience in regional companies is often part of the curriculum.

Advantages of studying Masters in Germany:

  • Since universities are state-funded there are generally no tuition fees or a nominal tuition fee.
  • All Master programs we apply are entirely taught in English.
  • After completing studies in Germany, remain in the country for another year to look for a job.
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