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Reasons to study in France :-
  • Quality Education
  • Developed Country
  • Sixth largest economy
  • World's 3rd leading host country for higher education
  • Low Fees
  • Paer time Job opportunities
  • Internship opportunities with top companies of the world
  • Work permit opportunities after internship
  • Accomodations help by 40% to 50% by French government
  • Low transportation expenses
  • Free French Language courses provided by French Government Organization
  • European Union Visa.
About France:-

France is a country whose metropolitan territory is located in western Europe and also comprises of various overseas islands, territories located in other continents. Metropolitan France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and Noeth Sea and from the Rhine to Atlantic Ocean.

The French republic is a democracy that is organised as a unitary semi-presidental republic. It is a developed country with 6th largest economy in the world.

France is the world's 3 leading host country for higher education with more than 300000 international students.


The population of France is tagged at 65,073,482


A lot of variety, but temperate. Cool winters and mild summers on most of the territory, and especially in Paris. Mild winters and hot summers along the Mediterranean and in the south west. Mild winters and cool summers in the north west (Brittany). Cool to cold winters and hot summer along the German border (Alsace).

Main Cities:-

Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Rennes.


France is considered to be the cultural capital of the world. The culture of France is diverse, reflecting regional differences as well as the influence of recent immigration. France has played an important worldwide role for centuries as a cultural center, with Paris as a world center of high culture. France is noted for its cosmopolitan, civilized approach to life, combined with great concern for style, fashion and appearances.


The railway network in France is the most extensive in Europe. Rail connections to all other neighbouring countries in Europe have been developed. Intra-urban connections are also well developed with both underground services and tramway services complementing bus services and extensive roadways.


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