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Victoria Foreign Educational Services

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Victoria Foreign Educational Services

Victoria Foreign Educational Services is the overseas educational guidance division of VFES Pvt. Ltd. based in South India, which extends assistance and guidance to students from all over the world to fulfil their desire for a global education.

VFES aims to provide students with quality up-to-date information and personalized services, thus allowing them to make the best choice for their educational future and continue their studies in a safe and worry-free environment.

Established in 2003 in Kerala, VFES has helped thousands realize their aspiration for a foreign education. Excellence in overseas education guidance is the VFES mission. We are ready to share the experience we have in the particular field with candidates who look abroad for an excellent education. Our capable consultants are experienced in aiding, advising and preparing students for overseas studies of a high grade. As most of them are overseas graduates themselves, our consultants are able to share their experiences and provide each individual student quality educational information and personal practical assistance.

Our Service Philosophy

We believe that to stay ahead in a rapidly changing environment, it is essential for a firm to hold on to certain lasting values. We have evolved certain principles:

  • To ensure that students are provided with a consistent quality of service and sound professional advice, our target/achievement lies in the satisfaction of our students.
  • To create among our staff an awareness of quality at all stages of an assignment.
  • To ensure that decisions are taken quickly and efficiently.
  • We accomplish this not only through the experience of our professional staff but also by matching specific expertise to the assignment in hand.


Our Divisions

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